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Update/SYD/Favourite albums of 2014 1/4

I am going to Sydney for a few days so I wont be able to post Amity’s new song (or listen to it) so this a reminder for you guys that its out in a couple of days. I will be back on Thursday so I’ll post it then, I’ll also post my first ‘favourite albums of the year (part 1/4)’ 

I’ll give you a hint to my favourite album, I look forward to sharing them and If you have an album that’s come out so far this year, be sure to tell me and If I havent heard it and I like it, I might end up putting it in the list!

I may have been through hell and back. But I am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face, with my head held high.
I’m free now.
To live my life on the outside. I’m free now.
I will not let the situation define who I am.
I will define the situation. I will define.”

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Biggest disappointment of the year so far

So I saw For Today last night on the ‘fight the silence tour’

I’ll point out that fight the silence is their latest album, so you would assume their setlist would mainly consist of songs off that album… Nah.. They played 2 songs off the album and they didn’t even play fight the silence >.< 

Atleast Prepared Like A Bride were amazing, only problem was that the crowd was absolutely horrible >:|

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